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Estuary Indy



Renewing Management purchased the property in 2021 to add to a portfolio of 20 properties, which are mostly multi-family, residential units in Indiana. We are a local, family-owned business that is passionate about community transformation, which we believe is accomplished one life at a time. Rather than see income streams when we look at properties we wish to renovate and reimagine, we see streams of healing for people - healing that comes through love and dignity.


We've named the building The Estuary. An estuary is strategic spot where a river meets the sea. This vital wetland produces a biologically diverse environment with both fresh and salt water. Metaphorically, we desire that this historic building becomes - like an estuary - a place where communities meet and enrich one another. Believing that this historic property could be a source hope for so many, we are partnering with Collabo CreativeLand Stewards and local community members to reimagine and repurpose the property. We utilize a community-conscious approach to development that actively listens to local stakeholders in order to breathe life back into properties. We are working on several ideas and are open to feedback. 

Estuary initial exterior plan.jpg

Proposed exterior rendering of reimagined property

open house

July 22, 2021


from neighbors

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neighbor feedback.png

Top Positive Ideas


Top Concerns



From Neighbors


"Love the ideas that are multi-use but still retain the character of the original structure"


"I think that any effort to improve this property with consideration for community involvement is a step in the right direction." 


"Bring this place to life with peaceful beauty.”


This community has a lot going for it, and adding to its value is good for everyone involved.” 

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